All Bets Are On by Cynthia Cooke

All Bets Are On (Entangled Covet) - Cynthia Cooke

Derek has been in a bad mood for about 100 years (or so his minions think). So they have the brilliant idea of setting him up on a blind date through an online dating site. Now, as a prince of hell, Derek doesn't like the idea too much but follows through when they bet him he can't get her to sleep with him. Now I know, I know, we're all thinking "what a jerk". But Derek is really such a sweetheart. His job is to punish people in the corporate world that do bad deeds.

Jaclyn is another reluctant online dater. But she has sworn off dating - especially good looking guys - she just knows they're all players and will lover her and leave her behind. When this reluctant couple finally meet, sparks fly in some very snappy dialogue. I absolutely loved it! Jaclyn is a snarky (if a bit obnoxious at times) strong woman that just doesn't realize how strong she is yet.

There is some family drama on Derek's side that drags Jaclyn in as some possible collateral damage, and some crime solving that really freaks her out and hits close to home. I love how Derek was willing to do anything to try and get to know her better. He sees something special in her and wants to find out what it is and make her his.

This was a good mix of romance with just a touch of humorous dialogue, some really hot characters, and some nasty bad guys. I would have liked to see more of the motivation behind Derek's family drama a bit, but at the end of the book a lot is revealed. It was just quite a surprise.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*