Big Sky Mountain, (Parable, Montana #2) by Linda Lael Miller

Big Sky Mountain - Linda Lael Miller

I'm really loving the characters and stories from Parable, Montana. Book two is just as laid back and casual as book one, but throwing in a four year old girl adds a bit of craziness in a good way. I loved Madison - the daughter Kendra adopted sometime between the two books. There's a short story all on its own there that is revealed as you read through the book, so I'll let you read the details yourself. I always love the antics of young children in these fun light-hearted romances, and Madison definitely fit the bill to liven things up a bit.

The opening of this story was not handled well though. I understand that Miller was probably looking for some shock factor, but starting with your leading man (Hutch) at his wedding to someone other than Kendra was very confusing. There was also a lot of things that happened in between books and I felt like I had missed an entire story. Too much happened "off pages" to have it flow well right off the bat.

Now once I figured out all the things that were going on, I really enjoyed the story. Kendra and Hutch have been crushing on each other for years, but never really acted on it. Kendra doesn't think Hutch is mature enough to be a father to her new little girl, and Hutch just seems to hold a grudge against Kendra for their last break up. Everyone around them begins to conspire against them though, and eventually they cave and decide to give it a go.

There is still a lot of doubt on both their parts though, and this continues Miller's theme of over-coming your past to move on with your future so you can be happy.