Seth (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #5) by Eve Langlais

Seth (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) (Volume 5) - Eve Langlais

Eve Langlais wrote this one with a bit of a different style. We are taken back in time to Seth's creation as a cyborg several times throughout the story. While Eve did a fantastic job with the time transition, it just isn't a big favorite of mine to have it broken up as much as she did. She did an excellent job of making sure I knew if I was in the past or present, and both parts of Seth's story were very very interesting.

Seth is the most human of the cyborgs - programmed as a spy model he needed to be able to blend in with humanity to get the job done. This makes him very unique amongst the cyborg men (and women) we have met so far. He's incredibly obnoxious (on purpose) and likes to push peoples buttons. But when push comes to shove he's amazingly loyal to those he cares about - yes he readily admits he cares and it drives Aramus nuts.

Anastasia is also a spy model - she's acutally Seth's ex-partner. Things blew up in a really bad way and she's hated him ever since. But she needs him for her mission and is willing to put up with his crap and attitude if it will help get the job done. She's more machine-like than Seth is and much more mission-oriented as well. I loved watching the two of the bicker. This is a dialog type that Eve Langlais has mastered. It flows so naturally and makes the characters so much more fun to read.

The two pats of the story are woven together nicely - as I said earlier, it's just not really the style I prefer to read. What Eve reveals about their past has a direct effect on their present relationship. It was brilliant the way it all seemed to weave together to form a really cohesive history and story for these two. This doesn't seem to be the last of Eve's Cyborgs as a new mission is decided on near the end that has a lot of potential for drama and, or course, love.