Deviation (The Sophisticates #1 by Christine Manzari

Deviation: 1 (The Sophisticates) - Christine Manzari

After an awful terrorist attack, the government responds by hand picking couples to have genetically engineered children. These children become property of the Program and are super intelligent and gifted physically. A small sample of these children have discovered extra abilities - ones they can't understand and don't know where they came from. Cleo is one of these children. 

Deviation was quite an adventure. We start out somewhat in the dark - just as Cleo is - and discover some pretty incredible things. There are also some pretty incredible people - one of which is names Ozzy. He seems to be everything she hates about the Program, but she can't seem to stay away from him either. He's too perfect and she can't get him off her mind. He ends up being right in the middle of all the drama going on around her, so she can't trust him. 

All of the characters in this book were amazing. They were easy to identify with and fun to read about. I even loved the ones I hated, which is hard to do. I really wanted to be the one code names Mimic Octopus - such a cool person. The relationships between these people also develop and go in so unexpected ways. 

There was only one scene near the end at the roller skating rink that I got really confused and had to read several times before I understood what was going on. It was a chaotic scene to begin with, but some of the cues to what the character was seeing weren't quite enough for me to get it right away. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*