Cop a Feel (Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters #3) by Robyn Peterman

Cop a Feel - Robyn Peterman

This one wasn't quite as good as the first two in the series. Now, since the first two were huge 5 star books for me, that means this one was still pretty darn good. We met Candy in book two as an undercover DEA agent and sister to the main man. In Cop a Feel, it's her turn to find love. She's a hard ass undercover agent that doesn't believe in love (even though she's seen it with her brother's life). She live for her work and that's about all she has. When she realizes she's attached to not David she runs for the hills and promises to never call him again. It doesn't help that she found out he never told her his real name.

Not David, aka Luke, has quite a few surprises up his sleeve that I don't want to give away. He and Candy are assigned to protect Shoshanna LeHump (a return character from book one) from death threats. Their assignment takes them on quite a wild and hilarious ride to a special convention with an amazing name. Their romance really blooms and past wounds are healed here in some very unexpected ways. There are a lot of touching moments that really surprised me. There was also a lot of the humor I've grown to love from Robyn Peterman and who seems to come up with new words and phrases for sex and body parts with every book she writes.

The downside to this one was that I had a hard time really connecting. A lot of the scenes weren't as natural and flowing as they were in the first two books and I just didn't relate to the characters as easily. Don't get me wrong, they were still great characters and scenes. Robyn just set the bar very very high and this one just didn't quite reach my expectations.

The ending was beautiful. I loved Aunt Moon Unit's appearance and the final scene was so full of Happily Ever After-ness it was sickening in an amazingly romantic way. I don't know if this is the end of the series. There was an opening for a possible new romance and I really hope Robyn takes it and runs with it. I love these characters and the fact that we get to see them over and over again even after their story is told.