Otherborn (Otherborn #1) by Anna Silver

Otherborn - Anna  Silver

I really loved Anna Silver's idea of what a dystopian society would be like. I couldn't imagine trying to live in a world where nothing was new. Now I'm not just talking about physical items. Creativity is gone - no new songs, new ideas, new books (perish the thought). Then London writes a new song - this is the big turning point and all hell begins to break loose. And she's not just creating - she's also dreaming (another thing that no longer happens to anyone). She gathers a group of other teenagers that also dream and they discover their dreams are more than just that - they are connections to another place, time, and people. 

There is a great mix of action and discovery in this story. There is always something going on, but sometimes it's an internal realization or group conversation. There is also a "high speed" car chase, a shoot out, and several instances of running for their lives. A good combination to reach out to a variety of readers. 

London is our main character and is very well developed. She is constantly evolving based on what she sees in her dreams and experiences around her. The rest of the crew does not seem to evolve as much, and I really wish I had seen a little more from them. Maybe in the next book they will shine a bit more. The Tycoons are the controllers of everything and a character unto themselves. They are this ominous figure always looming in the background. Their physical absence from most of the story only made them more mysterious and foreboding. 

love a unique dystopian story, and with the genre exploding they can be hard to find. This one really fit the bill, and if those side characters had just had a tad more depth it would have gotten five stars. 

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