Spelled (Casted Series #2) by Sonya Loveday

Spelled - Sonya Loveday

This was a great duet series. A lot of the character flaws that I found a little annoying in book one turned into amazing ways for the characters to grow and develop in this book. Jade especially was forced to make some very difficult decisions that really cemented her place as a ruler and over-all well-rounded adult spell caster. Her female friends still remained a little confusing to me, I never did get them all set as separate people in the first book, and as they didn't have as large a part in the second I found it more difficult to remember who was who. I don't want to say their parts didn't matter, because their friendship and loyalty really come into play, but mixing them up on occasion didn't take a whole lot away from the story for me.

The story opened in a very confusing manner. Jade's memories have been wiped and she is in Lorenzo's stronghold. He seems to need something more from her and has a very twisted plot to try and get it. We meet a few more allies hidden in the evil that I really enjoyed. There was a lot of excitement in this story as well that really kept the pages turning and hard to put down. The ending was very surprising with a twist I never saw coming (but did explain a character that I didn't get). It seems like most of the loose ends are tied up in a very nice manner and I felt extremely satisfied with how the author wrapped everything up.

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