Resisting the Musician (Head Over Heels) by Ally Blake

Resisting the Musician (a Head Over Heels Novel) (Entangled Indulgence) - Ally Blake

This was a difficult one to review. I loved the characters - they were fantastic. I loved to overall story line. It has some elements that worked nicely together. It just moved a little slow for me.

Lori is a hard working woman that runs a shoe company. I would LOVE to have her job and get to wear all the new shoes - for publicity purposes of course. They sound amazing - there was just enough description to keep them a small part of the story and make me want a pair as well. She's the exact opposite of Dash. She follows her schedule like the Bible, he doesn't know what day it is half the time. He's so laid back and seemingly carefree that it almost starts to get on your nerves. It sure gets on Lori's nerves and she's not sure how she's ever going to be able to work with him on this song idea.

The whole song idea was brilliant. It was a great way to get the two of them together and continue to throw them at each other until they realized they were actually perfect together. There was just a tad too much of the throwing together and running away again for me. 

In the background we have Lori's sister and Dash's ex-bandmate engaged and planning their wedding in the midst of a huge scandal. It was a great backdrop and made sure there was always something going on, even when the main characters weren't the center of the all the action. This is a great book - while it moved a little slow for me it may be just right for others.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*