Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Speak of the Devil #3) by Patricia Eimer

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Speak of the Devil, Book 3) (Entangled Edge) - Patricia Eimer

The third book in the Speak of the Devil series is epic - as in end of the world apocalypse epic. Faith just can't seem to keep her life normal - or a least normal for the youngest daughter of Lucifer. Things just keep spiraling out of control and getting even more crazy. 

I love Faith more and more with every page. She is such a riot - her entire family is, but she really stands out as such a unique person. A lover of children and a nurse, finding herself the Angel of Death is quite the life changing bummer, but she tries to deal with it. Her way of dealing with it leads to a series of "accidents" and "incidents" that lead to the beginnings of the legendary apocalypse. 

Through it all Matt remains loyal - willing to do anything to make their relationship work. He's a great guy, but we really didn't see much of him in this one. We do get to see more of her roommate Lisa and a lot of Howard the ghost. All of these side characters are fantastic in their own way, but when put together the way Patricia Eimer does, they really take off and become very memorable. 

This series should be a must read for lovers of snarky, smart-ass, sarcastic demons with a very, very non-traditional family tree. I loved every minute of it.