Enemies on Tap (Sweet Salvation Brewery #1) by Avery Flynn

Enemies on Tap (a Sweet Salvation Brewery Novel) (Entangled Indulgence) - Avery Flynn

Enemies on Tap was a really fun read. Miranda Sweet comes from the wrong side of the tracks in a small town and hightailed it out as soon as she could. She comes back to flip the family brewery - it needs to make a profit in less than three months or she loses not only the brewery, but her job. Miranda is a no-nonsense type of girl that isn't afraid to speak her mind, unless it's how she feels about the golden child of Salvation, Logan Martin. They have a history that goes back to high school that neither one has really let go. 

Miranda has a lot going against her. Most of the town hates her family for good reason. They have always been troublemakers - and the brewery was poorly managed. She tackles the uphill battle head on, until things get out of control and someone tries to sabotage all her plans. Logan wants to fight fair, but has a lot of pressure to do whatever it takes to get the Sweets out of town.

There's a bit of action and a lot of attitude in this story. There were some slow spots, but Avery Flynn does a pretty good job of moving the story along and keeping it interesting. Miranda is one of three triplets so I'm hoping to see more of her sisters in future stories in the series. There are quite a few interesting side characters that I would love to see matched up with someone. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review* 

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