Devil May Care (Speak of the Devil #2) by Patricia Eimer

Devil May Care - Patricia Eimer

This is a sort of romance - the romance with a HEA all happens in the background. The players are all very important to both Faith and Matt, but they are definitely not the main attraction. Faith and Matt are center stage with another angelic/demonic "incident", and it's tearing them apart. When Matt's ex-girlfriend shows up at their door wanting to get him back - Faith tries to handle it well, but it all backfires horribly. 

To top it all off Faith's ex-boyfriend is also in town and her brother was demon-napped just days before his wedding to her best friend. Sounds like a lot to handle, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Matt and Faith's love for each other will really be put to the test - time and time again. 

This has a much more urban fantasy feel to it, but there are two HEA's involved, so it could be called a romance as well. I loved continuing the story of these two hilarious families who seem to be constantly wrapped up in some sort of disaster. Lots of very humorous situations again that had be grinning through the pages. Still loving this series.