Goddess, Awakened (The Goddess Connectiong #1) by Cate Masters

Goddess, Awakened (The Goddess Connection) - Cate Masters

Joss is a very powerful woman, she she doesn't really believe it. When she buys an inn on top of a ley line all hell breaks loose. A demon has targeted the vet down the road and seems to be intent on harvesting some souls. Joss's power may be all that can protect the small town and keep it from being destroyed. 

Joss was an interesting mix of confidence and doubt. She is sure that her inn will succeed and that her special recipes featuring lavender will be a big hit. On the other had, she doubt her family history and her strength to love again - even when signs point to Eric being the love of her life. But Eric isn't safe - he's been put in the middle of the battle between the goddess Isis and her family and the minions of hell. 

I loved the mix of mythology in this one. Several more minor characters were mentioned and it was great to see them have even a tiny bit of the spotlight (I especially loved Tisiphone). There is a ton of adventure and there were times I thought Cate Masters wouldn't be able to pull off a HEA because things were so crazy. There is a pretty great battle scene that I couldn't tear myself away from. 

What I like best about both characters was their desire to make life good on their own. They weren't necessarily afraid to ask for help, but they wanted to try and save themselves first. Now if only they could realize they also had each other. 

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