Truth or Date (Better Date Than Neer #2) by Susan Hatler

Truth or Date - Susan Hatler

Gina was in it for the long haul with her last boyfriend - for too long. He was a jerk that didn't want to get married after 10 years!! So she decides to find the perfect man to marry - and take as a date to Ellen's wedding. She is instantly set up on a blind date that she's just not too sure about. Meanwhile, the hottie at work has a new job so dating current co-workeds is now fair game - and he has his sights set on Gina. 

This was hilarious! The way Gina and Chris talk to each other, especially at the beginning with their truth or dare game, was fantastic. These are the perfect length for a quick read before falling asleep happy and with a chuckle. I love how upbeat and positive the writing is and how real the characters are.