The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix #2) by Rachek Firasek

The Last Awakening - Rachel Firasek

The thing I like most about this series is that even though the stories are short, they jump right into the action and carry you along right until the very end. Arabella is a fiesty voodoo priestess, or at least she was. Something went wrong with a spell one day and she ended up serving as one of Osiris's phoenixes until she learns her lesson. While serving as a phoenix may sound glamorous, it's actually quite the opposite. Having to die over and over again in the place of others wears thin quickly. Then one day Ari saves Greyson and everything changes. Ari is willing to risk her soul to try and help him fight his inner demons (which are pretty nasty), but she is only given a week to do it.

Now, Greyson is ex-military, and has carried around guilt from his time in the service for years. When Ari shows up and tries to show him that he has nothing to be guilty about, he runs the opposite way at first, not realizing just how much he needs her. As Ari tries to help Greyson, she realizes that she needs his help as well, and fast. Osiris has given her a time frame to save Greyson and it's quickly approaching when she finds out that everything she knew about her past was wrong. Facing this will push both of them to their emotional limits.

I really liked Ari in the first book of the series, The Last Rising, and was excited to see her starring in her own. I've become attached to the characters and I really hope to see a third book come out.