Aramus (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #4) by Eve Langlais

Aramus - Eve Langlais

As you can see - we sort of like these hot cyborg romances here at Bitten by Romance. In book four, Aramus, Eve Langlais delivers once again with an amazing (and at times humorous) story of these special men. For the first time in the series, our female lead is not a cyborg but a human - so it was pretty amazing to see her paired with Aramus. Aramus is a self-proclaimed hater of anything non-Cyborg. While he may not indiscriminately kill any and all humans, he really doesn't care too much if they end up dead. 

As a military fighting unit his emotions are buried very deep. I love his tough shell and watching him struggle to even admit that he might just possibly be feeling something - anything - was very fun to watch. He even goes to the doctor to try and "cure" his "malfunction" and gets some very excellent advice that had me chuckling. 

Eve also delivers on the action in this one. We get to watch Aramus and his team as they storm the gates of a secret compound and engage in a few good old fashioned brawls (he prefers to use his hands you know). The people behind the original Cyborg project are also making plans and there are a lot of new little twists introduced in this book. It walks it's way right into the story of Seth (book 5) very nicely and it will definitely be on my reading block in the near future - it's already calling to me from the bookshelves.