The Witching Pen (The Witching Pen #1) by Dianna Hardy

The Witching Pen - Dianna Hardy

Poor Elena - the most powerful witch in existence and she can't have the one thing she really wants. Her best friends Karl has been in love with her since they were kids and she thinks she may be in love with him as well. Too bad she can't do anything about it. But that's nothing when a demon starts to visit your dreams and uses your body to do horrible things while you're sleeping. 

Elena and Karl need to figure out what is going on - and fast - before Elena is forced to give herself to one of the creepiest bad guys I've read. He's determined to make Elena his, but not for any good reason. Elena and Karl begin to dig into Elena's past and find some pretty amazingly scary stuff. And it's no longer just Elena that's as risk - if the demon gets what it wants, the whole world could be in danger. 

There are some witchy friends and some other demonic types that play a big role in the story - I really loved Pueblo and was happy to see his name mentioned on the blurb for book two. Lots and lots of stuff happens for such a short novel, and there were a few times it got a little too rushed for me - especially the part right after the explosion (you'll know it when you read it). The ending is one big massive cluster of awesome though. I had to read it a couple times just to let it all sink in.