Worth the Risk (Take a Risk #1) by Robin BIleman

Worth the Risk - Robin Bielman

This series introduced me to the whole heritage architecture theme - the fixing up of old historic buildings, landmarks, and in the case roads, to bring the back to life again. Samantha has a passion for the industry that seems to be unmatched. But the reason she found that passion may just cause her to lose out on the biggest job of her career (more about that later). Sam is a very fun woman with a lot of personality and I really liked her, but she was just a tad one dimensional - I didn't see a lot of development in her and I crave that in a story. 

Now Dean on the other hand was quite a character. While he was a bit too confident for my tastes, he was definitely that way for a reason. I don't think the man had ever lost in his life! Of course, Sam may just be the first thing he really wants and can't have. This leads to a very interesting weekend stand agreement - this seems to be a new trend in writing and I'm starting to like it. It's a great starting point that is more believable than a one-night stand love story. 

I also like that these two books have at least mentioned the state of some of our historic landmarks. I don't know if that was Robin Bielman's intent, but she mentions things just enough to make you think about it a little - but she steers far from banging you in the head with it. I enjoyed book two a little more, but I just bonded with those characters better. Worth the Risk is a very good place to start. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review* 

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