Sapphire Sun (The Lost Magic #3) by Suzi Davis

Sapphire Sun - Suzi Davis

Silver Dew ended with quite a climatic scene. This scene leads to all the trouble in Sapphire Sun. Gracelynn has tried to fix everyone's mistakes by taking their memories and their magic, but she didn't quite succeed in her efforts. As bits and pieces begin to come back to her, she is visited by spirits with a new task of brining mage back into the world. 

This seemed a little counter productive since the last book was all about taking it away. This task leads to a very grand adventure involving Sebastion and his past coming back to haunt him (once again). This is a theme that recurs several times throughout the series and I sort of hoped this one would end with a different note. The first half of the book really dragged for me, but the second half (once the get on the island) really picked up and became interesting. There are tons of hints dropped about the big surprise at the ending, but I didn't catch a single one so I was very surprised - in a good way. 

While this wasn't the best series I've ever read, it was entertaining and had a few really good twists and turns, there was just a littel too much repeating of a theme overall.