Embrace the Twilight (Wings in the Night #8) by Maggie Shayne

Embrace The Twilight  - Maggie Shayne

I've been slowly reading through the Wings in the Night series for a few years now. They were one of the first paranormal romance series that I had ever read and really opened the door to the genre for me. Maggie Shayne is a great author and while she fell just a tad short in this one for me I can see how it adds a very imporatant piece to the world she has built.

After the demises of DPI - an organization set on destroying vampires - things seem to be going better. But there are still a few rogue agents running around and they have set their eyes on Amber Lily - a unique creature introduced earlier in the series that lives between the world of vampire and human. Willem Stone - a very mortal man - is really all that is there to stop them at first. He's quite a fantastic hero in several different ways.

Willem Stone has a strange link with a gypsy woman names Sarafina - a name you will recognize if you've read the previous book in the series. She's quite a bitch through the whole story and I never really like her - which made it hard to enjoy the romance of the book. I really enjoyed the continued world building and development Shayne brought out in this one though. It's what has kept me returning to the series over the years. The world is not stagnant, and even if I don't like all the characters, they all have a role to play that is special and all their own.

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