An Unexpected Sin (Sins of Salem) by Sarah Ballance

An Unexpected Sin (Entangled Scandalous) - Sarah Ballance

This is my first historical romance set in the Colonial period - more specifically during the Salem witch trials. I always thought this was a very interesting period of time. Sarah Ballance managed to capture the time period perfectly for me. The accusations flying, innocent people accused, not defending anyone for fear you'd be named next. It was a very tense period in which to live. These issues all touched the story of Anne and Josiah in different ways - ways they could have been disasterous. It was very nicely pieced together. 

The downfall of this novel was the period language. I know they spoke this way, but when it was also narrated this way, it was a little rough at times. One word in particular seemed to grate on me, verily. When used in dialog it was very fitting but it was thrown in elsewhere just a little too often. The blame Josiah places on himself was a little over done and I did get tired of hearing about how unworthy he thought he was. 

Overall, this was a good shot at the period for historical fiction. My issues with the book may not bother other readers at all - some may even enjoy them. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*