The Looking Glass by Jessica Arnold

The Looking Glass - Jessica  Arnold
Curses, ghosts, betrayal and love.  All elements to a perfect ghostly story.  Now this isn't a ghost story in the way that it's scary and frightening.  It the story about a curse and a ghost and the girl and boy who try to break it.  The curse was a character all its own - very literally.  It came alive in a form that could walk and talk and steal little girls into its world.
Alice wakes up to find herself in a world that's familiar and strange all at once.  She can see bits and pieces of the real world, but time she has to figure out how to return is very limited.  The curse she fights against was brilliant.  It kept things so very interesting and mysterious, giving just enough information to keep pulling you in futher and further with every page.
I was constantly rooting for Alice.  She was such a real teenager.  Her struggle to find her way out took just enough time.  It wasn't overly drawn out or rushed.  Even the ending seemed to have just the right touches.  The flashes to the past we experience with her are memorable.  The story of the house and the curse unfold at the same time as Alice's.
If you're looking for a good ghost story that's meant for suspense and not horror, or if you're just a lover of some really good paranormal magic, this is just the book for you.  It's hard to find such a well rounded book - and it's a stand alone (even more rare).

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*