Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present - Part One / Entrapments by Morgen Rich

Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present - Part One / Entrapments (Staves of Warrant) - Morgen Rich

This is a great start to a series - keep in mind that it was released in serial form so each part is a small episode that leads directly into the next. We start with the story of Grainne - as she watches her world fall apart. Her people are killed and her kingdom is destroyed - all at the hands of her husband. She is determined to see it rebuilt again and to see him die for the crime. 

We also start the story of Euryale, a priestess. While it is not clear where exactly these two stories will collide there are a few hints scattered about that give us some ideas of where, if not when. The story primarily follows Grainne and her struggle to escape the captivity that has been forced on her. She is quite a clever one at times, and truly seems to care about the people of her kingdom and not just the title and land. I'm very interested to see what she does in the second episode. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*