Twinmaker by Sean Williams

Twinmaker - Sean Williams

Twinmaker is a very high tech dystopian action adventure. Full of artificial intelligence, futuristic technology, and a way to make yourself better without any work But everything comes at a cost, including this new "Improvement" that Libby, Clair's best friend, has decided to try. This is the first step in Clair's journey into a dangerous conspiracy. 

The book is full of action, it's almost non-stop, but it didn't ever quite get to the point where it was too overboard. It kept the pages turning fast and easy. The technology was introduced in a way that made it seem part of everyday life (which is was for our characters). This is the technology that Clair must take on head to head to try and save Libby. 

While the strange Q wasn't the main character, she was by far my favorite. While I had figured out part of her secret early on, the author did a great job when it was time for her big reveal and made the wait to find her true story well worth it. Clair was about as dynamic as they can get. At times she seemed to be an entirely different person that what she started as. 

I almost gave this book five stars. Q was just a little too into everything and came to save the day against impossible odds a little too easily at times. I would have liked to see them work a little harder for it sometimes. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*