The Scottich Witch (The Chattan Curse #2) by Cathy Maxwell

The Scottish Witch - Cathy Maxwell

Yes, you are seeing this right.  I seem to be reading this series backwards.  There is a little confusion at times when they refer to things from previous books, but overall I haven't really seen any negative impacts for the book because of it.

Harry is off to try and find the witch that cast a curse on his family - and it leands him to Glenfinnan and Portia.  Portia's family is quickly running out of money and she sees his quest for a witch as a way for quick money to pay the rent.  When Portia and her cat , Owl, decide to trick him in his quest to find a witch - she pretends to be Fenella - not realizing that it is the same witch to cast the curse. 

Their romance is very quick - almost wham bam thank ya mam the first time.  The relationship and romance didn't come until after, and that isn't always my favorite.  Portia finds herself falling in love with him and is terrified of the curse landing on his shoulders - so she runs and distances herself from him for his own good.  The big questions is will the curse still strike, or will they be able to find a way to reverse it and have their HEA.

While Portia was a great character - a very opinionated and honest woman for those times - Harry was a bit of a pompous ass (which he even admits to on occassion).  I love how they fit together - their personalities played off of each other very well.  Portia's mother and her suitor were a bit of comical relief through the whole thing without going too far as well.  I have the first book and hope to start it soon.
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