Love at Stake by Victoria Davies

Love at Stake - Victoria Davies

Fated Match is a high profile match making service for supernatural. They specialize in finding that elusive connection that they are all looking for - a mate. With a very high success rate, but rising competition, they jump at the chance to match up a very high profile vampire. Abbey is one of the few humans that knows about the supernatural world, and Lucian is instantly curious about her. Something sparks an interest deep down and he insists that she personally handle his entire case. 

Abbey isn't afraid of most supernaturals, but the vamps are a different story - well anything that may view her as a snack is strictly off the relationship radar. She is surprised to find that she can't keep Lucian out of her mind. Both try hard to deny their attraction and prove it isn't right between them - but deep down they both know they were meant to be together. 

This was a humorous and inventive story. I loved the idea of the matchmaking agency - and it's really for all paranormals. This could turn into an amazing series with Fated Match as the linking point. I really hope it does, because I would love to read more like this. 

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*