Say Forever (Something More #3) by Tara West

Say Forever (Something More) - Tara West

Say Forever wraps up the story of Christina and Andres in a fantastic way.  They have had quite a few ups and downs throughout the series, but this may be their biggest trial yet.  When pregnancy and wedding planning collide with two very opinionated families (with different opinions).  I still love both of these characters, but there were times they tried my patience in the book.  Throughout their ordeals they both learn to stand up for what they really want in life and look for what will make them happy. All the characters from their lives play a role in causing their problems and helping to find a solution - some more than others.  While the book does end in a great happily every after, there is a fair share of tragendy along the way.  Just like like.  This is a great series and one I'm glad I read.