Love Songs for the Road by Farrah Taylor

Love Songs for the Road - Farrah Taylor

 Falling in love with your nanny seems a little cliche, but rock star Marcus Troy doesn't really care how cliche it may be once he gets to know Ryan Evans.  These two are a fantastic couple, but they can't be a couple because she's the nanny and he's the famous rock star.  She wants a normal life, and he is constantly surrounded by press and fans.  Farrah Taylor managed to keep these the central problem in their relationship without pounding on it so much that it got old or repetitive - it was constantly being reworked from a different angle - privacy, custody of the kids, different career goals - it continued to be new and different ways of looking at the same situation.

Many people threw obstacles into their path (including themselves) as they tried to find a balance, and a few almost succeeded.  This was a really great book with some really sweet characters.