A Vampire for Christmas by Felicty Heaton

Vampire for Christmas - Felicity E. Heaton

Demons, vampires, and hunters are collide in Vampire for Christmas. This was an interesting combination of light-hearted with a bit of humor mixed with a darker paranormal element. Rafe and Shannon have been partners, hunting down random baddies - usually demons - for several years together, but now Shannon is being transferred and Rafe may never see her again. He's determined to show her his true feelings before she leaves - hoping he can convince her to stay with him.

Enter demon. And not just any demon. This one reminded of Slimer from Ghostbusters - only with a much worse attitude. While dangerous, the demon was a bit comical with his ooze and overall grossness. Heaton was able to use this to set up some really great scenes for Rafe and Shannon to interact and give them a chance to really open up to each other.

The biggest thing standing in their way is Shannon's past and her prejudice against vampires in general. She has a good reason, but she still isn't sure about bringing her guard down around Rafe even though they have been partners for years.

I enjoyed this story a lot - especially the demon, he's going to stick with me for awhile. I had a hard time really getting into Shannon's mind though. She ws closed off to the point that even as a reader it was hard to see into her, and I wanted a little more of that.

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