Once Should Be Enough by Nikky Kaye

Once Should Be Enough - Nikky Kaye

This was a super-hot, one night read, novella. I loved it! It gets the standard "I want to know more" ding that most novellas get because I get too attached and want to see what happens with the rest of their lives. I'm so glad that I picked it up though because I found a new author to stalk!

Once Should Be Enough looks deep (surprisingly deep for its length) look into what turns us on. Cass is about to get a lesson in kind and that everyone isn't the same. As Will convinces her to open up and let him show her how to "enjoy herself", she really starts to come out of her shell.

There are just enough tense moments where I wondered if it was going to work out to balance the sexy scenes and really give the story some depth. Nikky Kaye did a great job of putting a lot of story, romance, and emotion into such a small package.

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