A Witchingly Sassy Seduction by Mychal Daniels

Sassy Ever After: A Witchingly Sassy Seduction (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Mychal Daniels

Celia is on the run from trouble at home - curses and hexes from a pissed off witch are nothing to stick around for. She finds herself wandering through the woods during a scenting ceremony (I love this idea) where she meets Owain, a long wolf shifter.

Celia is determined not to stick around, but when a threat from Owain's past targets here, she isn't given much of a choice. I really enjoyed this excitement and danger added to the story, It kept me guessing and was played out very well.

In fact, there wasn't much I'd really want to change here. Owain and Celia were great together, the world is exciting, but... Some things happen for Celia and the trouble she's running from that I just didn't think worked. It wrapped up in a way that I think needed to be very different. Especially Celia's reaction - far too calm and exciting for what occurred. It was a bit of a let down.

Source: http://www.bittenbyromance.com/2016/09/a-witchingly-sassy-seduction-by-mychal.html