Bite My Sass by V. Vaughn

Sassy Ever After: Bite My Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella) - V. Vaughn

Bite My Sass is a fun and quick shifter romance that I breezed through and really enjoyed. I loved the play on Romeo and Juliet, there were just enough elements of the play to make it memorable, but it didn't follow the actual storyline of the original at all. Just a few hints and really great fortune teller.

Juliet's camping trip starts off great, but it takes a surprising turn when she finds out there's a Scenting Ceremony nearby and one of her friends runs into a wolf on the prowl. But Juliet isn't interested in what the wolf might be offering, and when the pack starts to draw her friends into their midst, she quickly goes on the defensive.

While this was a quick and easy romance, it was a lot of fun. A great afternoon, one-sitting read, that didn't feel rushed at all.