Miss Matched by Milly Taiden

Miss Matched - Milly Taiden

Raging Falls is still a really fun place to visit. Bastien, a bear shifter, is an amazing character. I loved his artistic streak with carpentry. The "cabin" and furniture he created is described in such an amazing way that you can see the craftsmanship and beauty behind it. He's also pretty amazing at courting. I'd love to go out on any of the dates he plans, they are beyond perfect. He's everything you expect in a bear shifter - fierce and strong, but with a teddy bear aspect with those he loves that makes him quite a gentle soul.

Carly I liked, but she was taken way too far. Her father tries to control every aspect of her life and it goes horribly wrong - about as wrong as it could possibly go. Her attitude is a healthy one, leave me alone, I'm a big girl and I love myself just the way I am. But she said it over and over and over again. There has to be a way to show this strength without screaming it from every page. She did have an amazing sense of humor, and I loved all her nicknames for Bastien. They were perfect.

We meet a couple new characters that seem like they are going to be stars in our next trip to Raging Falls, but we don't see too much or our first couple. I missed them a little bit.

The other downfall for this book. It's really only about half of the pages you get and quite short. The rest of the story was first chapters from other books. I don't a little promo at the end, but almost half the book made it feel like I got a little ripped off.

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