A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans

A Kiss of Lies - Bronwen Evans

Two people on the run from their past, Sarah and Christian are thrown together by strange circumstances. Christian is trying to clear his name from a horrible accusation and wondering who would want to frame him for such a horrible crime. Banished to Canada, he makes friends and begins to raise funds to return to England.

Enter Sarah, applying for a job as governess to Christian's young ward. She has a dark secret she is trying to keep, and the men looking for her are getting closer and closer. Escaping to England with Christian seems like the perfect solution, but she must ensure that he never finds out who she really is or what she has done.

Of course, none of their plans go quite as expected. I'm not usually a fan of the deep dark secret theme, but it fit this story nicely. I understood Sarah's secret and why she had to keep it. But it does cause issues, as secrets will. It also comes out fairly early, so much of the story takes place after they have comes to terms with it and are now trying to help fix it. I really loved it.

The Libertine Scholars were a great group of friends. It looks like each book tells the story of one of the infamous rakes. They all be playing important parts in each other's story, too, which means I get to keep in touch with these great characters.

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