Charmed and Dangerous by Debbie Herbert

Charmed and Dangerous: An Appalachian Magic Novel (Appalachian Magic Series Book 1) - Debbie Herbert

Callie is a lot of fun. She's a witch on her own, returning home for the first time in years. She's not too happy about it either - she feels abandoned and forgotten by those closest to her, but she's about to find out the real story. The real story is: she's in danger and now she is going to need her family and their coven to help protect her.....from what, she isn't sure yet.

Shortly after returning home, she runs into James, who knocks her off her feet. But he's far more than what he appears at first, and he's terrified of Callie's magic. They make a very unlikely pair in their world, and trust is needed if they are ever going to make it last. This trust will be pushed from all directions; close family memebers with an ax to grind, as well as the enemy to try and make them weak.

This was a very exciting book and I really enjoyed learning about the world Debbie Herbert has built. It's familiar in many ways, but with some nice surprised to set its lore apart from the rest. With quite a suspenseful ending (but don't worry, no cliffhanger), I know that I will want to re-visit the Appalachian Magic world to see what else is in store for these great characters.