A Sexy Thing Happened at the Book Fest Anthology

A Sexy Thing Happened at the Book Fest (It Happened at the Book Fest) - Alexia Purdy, Lizzy Pope, Mia Bishop, J.L. McCoy

Another fun addition to the Lake Morgan Book Fest short story anthology - only this one is a little hotter. There's quite a variety of quick romance-style short stories in this one. Again, some really stood out and I loved them, while a couple fell a little flat.

Here's a couple of my favorites:

Lucy Charm: This was an amazing story - my favorite of the bunch. A good dose of awkward girl meets a strange man from the past - or the present - it's one of those where things seem to mix and merge and I was never 100% sure. But that was part of the fun of reading it. I different take on the one night stand genre that I really enjoyed.

The Gift: More of a romance in the traditional sense. I really fell in love with Rachel from the get go, she was a great character. And while I had a harder time with Ian, in the end he was a great guy - just a bit one dimensional. He is quite the gentleman when the two of them get stuck in the basement - I sure wouldn't mind being stuck down there with him!

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

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