A Weird Thing Happened at the Book Fest Anthology

A Weird Thing Happened at the Book Fest - Tyber North, Kimberley Montpetit, Linda M. Au, Belle Whittington, Hubert H. Lamb, David A. Kessler

This was a fun and entertaining collection of short stories. There were some that stood out from the other and some that fell a little short, but over all I really enjoyed it.

A couple of my favorites:

Perilous Windows of Time - although I may be a little biased. I love all of Charlotte Bronte's work and see her come to life in a fun short story was great! Her time traveling was a lot of fun, and her reaction to the present was genuine. Even though it was a short story, there was good development and I just really enjoyed it.

Demon Days - an interesting and fun story about what might happen if a demon got lose at a book fest. I loved the little minions and Abby's attitude through the whole thing. The side characters had a good dose of personality and it was just a great mix of paranormal with a little bit of laughs.

The remaining stories were not bad, they just didn't stand out like these two did.