The Griffin's Secret by Cate Masters

The Griffin's Secret - Cate Masters

When two cursed souls cross - you never know what might happen. Jackson is running from anything and everything he just might fall in love with. It all gets taken from him - his curse to lose that which he loves most. So when he meets Layla, he will do anything to keep her distant.

Layla has a different curse - one that is slowly sucking her energy away piece by piece. She would do anything to be free, but has given up hope of being rescued. Her curse is a particularly nasty one - mostly because of the person currently in control of it. He's a serious piece of work and made an amazing bad guy.

Magic is a given and assumed in this world - which I wasn't expecting right off the bat - so it threw me off just a little at first. The magic is subtle at times and comes roaring to life other times. I loved the music aspects and the chemistry between Jackson and Layla from the very beginning. The book wraps up with a very exciting and happy ending that was quite satisfying.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*