Vacation With a Vampire...and Other Immortals by Maggie Shayne and Maureen Child

Vacation with a Vampire...and Other Immortals - Maggie Shayne, Maureen Child

I puchased this book because it contains the novella that is next in my reading of Wings in the Night by Maggie Shayne. You do not need to read this one as part of the series. It's actually a very cute stand alone novella based in the Wings in the Night world that I really enjoyed. Diego and Anne make for an interesting pair and I really enjoyed their little banter back and forth. At times Diego seemed way too bogged down by his one bad relationship experience, but that was really the only downside of the story.

The second novella by Maureen Child I just couldn't get into. I'm not sure if it was part of a larger series and I just didn't understand the world building, but it seemed super rushed and I was a little confused through the whole thing.