Diary of a Rocker's Kid by Haley Despard

Diary of a Rocker's Kid (D.O.R.K Book 1) - Haley Despard

This was a very fun story! The author does a great job telling the story from Madison's point of view, and I love the look even deeper into her thoughts as she writes her blog/diary posts. She's a suprising down to earth, yet crazy character that just has tons of personality.

Her whirlwind beginning of finding out who her family really is, was written very nicely. I love a good melt down scene when the circumstances call for it. And these definitely did - and one was very nicely provided. It helps keep the character real by showing that even she can become overwhelmed.

There are a lot of typical teen problems in the story - boys, looks, fashion, gossip, friends - but because they are typical I believed them. I did figure out the bug mystery before Madison did, but I think that was mostly a lucky guess. I'm very curious to see what is in store next for her.

Source: http://www.hotofftheshelves.com/2016/03/diary-of-rockers-kid-by-haley-despard.html