Her Special Alpha by Paige Tyler

Hot SEALs: Her Special Alpha (Kindle Worlds) - Paige Tyler

This was a cute and exciting story, but I really disliked getting pulled out of the main storyline. I missed the old friends I've met along the way, and I really really wanted to know more about the whole hybrid mystery - and I didn't get that.

What I did get was a great stand-alone novel with some really fun characters. Eden was great - if a little too invincible at times. And Travis took finding out about shifters a little too well - but hey, it's a novella so we don't have a lot of time for people to really soak in new things.

While we get to see a few of our friends from previous books, they make very brief appearances - so no need to know what has happened up until now to really get into this one. This is more of a mobster vs cops type of story as well. A nice change from the super-secret-government-agency out to save the world type of story to mix things up a bit.

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