Guile by Constance Cooper

Guile - Constance Cooper

I loved Yonie, I loved LaRue, the world was a lot of fun and there's a mystery to solve. Lots of good things on the pages as we follow Yonie and LaRue on their search for the person selling dangerous Guile affected objects. What is Guile? This is was a great concept of how things become magical based on some murky swamp water and how long the relic sits in it. Something a little different, but a little familiar, and added a very unique element to the story.

We don't really get to see the mystery begin for a few chapters though. I wish it had been introduced a little bit sooner so that I could enjoy it for a longer period of time. There a tons of loops and twists as Yonie and LaRue follow the trail. It leads them to long long family memebers, strange far off places that no one has ever heard of, odd creatures, and a lot of Guile.

It is quite an adventure to fit into one book that is just under 400 pages, but it flows very nicely from one point to the next. It never seems to rush or get bogged down, but has a very natural pace and flow. I'll be looking for more from this author.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*