Growl Anthology

Growl: Werewolf/Shifter Romance - Eve Langlais, A.C. Arthur, Kate Douglas Wiggin

Legal Wolf by Eve Langlais was fun and light-hearted in way that only Eve can be when we have a woman being framed for murder and someone trying to kill her. Gavin and Megan are quite an interesting couple. A lawyer and a secretary framed for murder aren't what I would normally expect in a werewolf romance. But together they are a riot and are quite a cute couple. The dialog between them is fun and humorous. But, there are quire a few surprises in store. Megan throws a doozy at you and it makes me love her even more! The cherry on top was Broderick - a mouthy cat that gives us a chance to see Gavin in all his alpha goodness.

Feral Passions is quite the exclusive resort. Will someone please buy me a week's stay there?!?! Cherry is a lucky woman - taken to Feral Passions by her sister and her sister's friend. Where they get to enjoy a week vacation being waiting on by super-hot guys (that may or may not be werewolves) in a remote forest preserve. Heaven! I really love how Cherry changed throughout the story. The wolves are there for her to help boost her confidence and give her a new outlook on her life. Warning - this is the highest sexual rating in the anthology including menage - but it was soooo much fun. I felt like I was part of Cherry's world and now I really want to go back and visit again. Bonus: there's a side romance that runs through the background that is really great, too!

The Alpha's Woman was almost non-stop action and excitement. There's a strong tie to Greek mythology in this one that I really enjoyed. Being able to learn the history of the race of Lycans was just an amazing touch that really brought the story to life. Kira is on the run from her past and to her destiny, but she just doesn't know it. Blaeze was so very interesting. I loved hearing him talk about the history of his family. Blaeze and Kira are both something very special and unique - but I'll let you find out what exactly. Both are alpha's and watching them square off against each other was really great and led to some fantastic dialog and scenes.

Growl is an amazing mix of stories - all featuring really fun werewolf men. Each book is a very different tale that was exciting and sexy and so much fun to read.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*