Fire Away by R.L. Syme

Fire Away - R.L. Syme

When a story starts out with two people meeting eyes across a cupcake tasting that involve jalapenos - then I know I may have found me fictional soul mates. I really really loved both Claire and Aiden, My only problem was the whole sister thing - but that was addressed and resolved very well. In fact, resolving that issue was a good chunk of the book, and it was handled very well.

There's a good dose of suspense as Aiden begins his own investigation into what happened to his deceased wife. There's a lot of danger and a few close calls that will get your adrenaline pumping. But there wasn't quite enough to really call this a full on romantic suspense.

Aiden and Claire have ties that go way back, which was also nice since they didn't have a whole lot of time to forge a new one. However, her jumping in and standing up for him, while brave and honest, seemed a little out of character for the girl who seems more of the shy type. But it had to be done to get things moving.

I really enjoyed this one. There was just enough suspense to keep my adrenaline going, and plenty of romance to keep my heart happy.