Mastered: Teagon by Krystal Shannan

Mastered: Teagan: Sanctuary, Texas (A Sanctuary Texas World Novella Book 1) - Krystal Shannan

Teagan's viewpoint that pain is the only thing that can make her forget isn't a new one. But Kyrstal Shannan did an amazing job of portraying the utter despair she feels when she doesn't get her dose of physical pain to drown out the emotional.

Having sworn off ever finding love or real pleasure again, she is terrified to realize that she may have found a mate - one that isn't interested in hurting her, but is much more interested in healing her. Their introduction is intense but fast (in the reading sense). But the chemistry is impossible to ignore.

I love that this can be a stand-alone. It is a great way for people to give Sanctuary, TX a try. A nice little sip that will get you addicted to the fast paced writing and great characters of Krystal Shannan.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*