Croc's Return by Eve Langlais

Croc's Return (Bitten Point Book 1) - Eve Langlais

Bitten Point is a great place - a little swamp city with a unique group of citizens. A city with quite a range of shifter residents. Caleb is finally coming home, but he is scarred inside and out from his time in the military. He doesn't know what to expect when he shows up after skipping out on his hometown and everyone he knew.

I really loved Caleb - he was a very down to earth and believable character - considering he could turn into a crocodile and all. His inner turmoil and struggles really made me want to give him some serious snuggles. But his snuggles are reserved for Renny.

Renny has had a hard time since Caleb left, and she's a bit pissed off about it too. She has grown into a strong woman that won't take crap from anyone or anything. She had just enough spunk, while still holding on to her soft side at times. A great mix.

But creepy things lurk in the swamp, things that defy imagination and explanation. When they venture too close to the people Caleb cares for - well, his crocodile has been itching for some fresh meat. I can see an overall story arc forming that looks to be quite exciting.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*