Bloodline by Maggie Shayne

Bloodline - Maggie Shayne

OK - we're moving in the right direction again, although with the sudden reappearance of the DPI I was a little thrown. I think I've seen them eliminated two or three times now, but I guess they are the cockroaches of evil agencies and you just can't seem to get rid of them. We also get another visit from the Order of Athena - which was really fun. I wish they had been more of a presence throughout the series, I really enjoy their lore and history.

Lilith and Ethan have a lot more in common than we first realize. Both are "orphans" that were raised in some crazy strange compound meant to brain wash people. But they somehow resisted and escaped. OK - sounds like a fantastic beginning. But it gets a little too crazy and out there (even for a vampire romance) about half way through.

Ehtan and Lilith have a ton of trust issues - partly because Lilith doesn't remember much of of anything at first and then misinterprets a lot after that. But also because Ethan is keeping all sorts of stuff from her. I got very frustrated at both of them several times.

Overall this was a very exciting read. We got to briefly see the original vamps and I always like seeing them. I just wish they didn't come in to save the day and then disappear all the time. The romance didn't quite make it for me though - they just never seemed to sit right.