A Wedding in Somewhere

A Wedding In Somewhere (Somewhere, TX Book 3) - Becca Boyd, Emma Cavalier;Ian Cecil;Désie Filidor;Karine Géhin;Alain Giraudo;Roman K.;Stéphane Lourmel;Gilles Milo-Vacéri;Chloé Saffy;Danny Tyran;Katlaya de Vault, KC Klein, Jodi Vaughn, R.L. Syme, Krystal Shannan, Lavender Daye

What a wedding....if it could go wrong, it seemed like is was guaranteed to happen. From dresses and tuxes, to collapsing chairs, and a fire at the venue. Topping it all off, the groom is in jail!!!

There was a ton of humor in this along with some really great romance from a couple that seems just perfect for each other. I loved how each and every little thing was tied together - all the pranks and hijinks that seemed destined to tear our couple apart, only seemed to bring them closer together in the end.

An amazing and fun story - I think the cake was my favorite part. It had me laughing out loud and getting strange looks from the family. Can't wait to read more about Somewhere.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

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