Changeling by Debbie Herbert

Changeling: An Appalachian Magic Novel (Volume 1) - Debbie Herbert

Fairies are not always bright shiny things. Even the Seelie can have their darkside. I love that Debbie Herbert kept her fairies a bit sinister. They are tricky and conniving and look down on anything outside of the Fae. This includes the changeling, Kheelan, and the human girl, Skye.

Kheelan was amazing. He was just the right amount of dark and brooding with a bit of wistfullness about him when it came to his human family. He's instantly enthralled with Skye the first time he sees her and isn't surprised to find out that she's something a little special.

Skye on the other hand, wasn't quite as strong a character for me. She was very well-rounded and I loved her reactions to finding out about her true past, and she had a bit of a goofy, humorous side to her personality that Kheelan was definitely missing. They made a great combo and are a pretty good example of opposites attract and all.

The fairy realm was still one of wonder and enchantment - but it was a world at war. The Seelie were looking for a savior and the Unseelie were looking to stop a savior. There's a good dose of excitment and battle of sorts in the pages. My only complaint was the ending. It was, in theory, a very satisfying conclusions. But it lost some of the gritty edge that I had really enjoyed throughout the story and got just a tad bit sticky sweet in comparison.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*