The Blood Guard by Carter Roy

The Blood Guard - Carter Roy

This was a really cute Middle Grade urban fantasy with lots of action. Ronan is an unusual kid - mostly his mother's fault for enrolling him in all sorts of crazy extra-curricular activities. But when he ends up on the run from guys that really don't seem all that nice, he begins to realize that she had him learn all those odd things for a reason.

I really enjoyed the premise behind the Pure and the evil group Bend Sinister. The lore behind them was very well thought out and really added a cool element to the story. While figuring out who was the Pure was a little easy, I loved watching the Ronan's reaction when he found out.

A lot of the action was very James Bond-ish. It was very exciting and over the top in a fantastic way. From adventures on trains to underground secret hide outs, Blood Guard had just enough of everything.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*