Great Reef Games by Kristin Earhart

Race the Wild #2: Great Reef Games - Kristin Earhart

This was a fun adventure, but it seemed to stall a little bit a few times. In this episode of Race the Wild, Sage is struggling with some issues that I'm not sure if most children would understand. However, for those dealing with a ill or injured family member, this would be a great book to explore some of those emotions. Sage is distracted and a few times misses important things that could cost her team the lead. Having been the strong leader in the past, she is scared to open up and show weakness.

In the same fashion as the previous Race the Wild, we do get to see and explore a fun new ecosystem. I'm really loving the animal facts and even I learned a few interesting things myself. Kids will love these facts which are presented as fast little "commercials" from the regular story.

A fun ecosystem to explore and some great moments of discovery make this a really great story. I just worry that Sage's issues may not ring with everyone in the target audience.